Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review: Hard Candy Mattely In Love Top Coat

What is it?
 A matte top coat.

Retail Price:  $4

Where to buy:  Walmart

My thoughts and experience:  
The cute and simple packaging is eye catching and informative. I've used this a couple of times, and I am definitely in love with it. When applied over nail polish, you can almost immediately see the effects of Mattely In Love. The dry time is quick, about 2-3 minutes to fully dry. I like the fact that it acts as a top coat too. 
It shows up better on darker nail polishes, but I think this is true with most matte top coats. 

It's a great way to change up your nail polish collection without having to spend alot. Instead of having 10 different colors, it's almost like having 20 different ones, LOL (I know, don't I sound frugal?)

It stays on for 4 days before you see start to wear off (not as matte as it was originally).

With Hard Candy's matte top coat, you can turn any plain nail polish into a matte nail polish. I am always in search of affordable and fun top coats. This one is a keeper for me, because I don't leave my nail polish on for that long anyway.

Have you guys tried the matte trends?

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. I am not affiliated with the company, nor was I paid to do this review.  All reviews on SiSi Sparkles are my honest opinion, whether it was purchased or provided. See full disclaimer here.

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  1. I have the Claire Matte coat. But this one looks great too. ^^
    New follower. Hope you follow back too:

  2. Hi SiSi! Long time no talk! How have you been? I really want to try some other Hard Candy products, I'm in love with the Fox in a Box blushes and the World Balmination lip balms but I don't know, I don't feel like Hard Candy is coming out with new stuff very often and that's a real shame!

  3. I like the quality of this polish! I have one too but rarely use it.
    Thanks for sharing your review.
    And thanks for your lovely comment... so glad you liked my santa and reindeer post =)
    Steady hand comes with practice; trust me ;)


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