Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: Personal MicroDerm System

What is it? 
A hand-held microdermabrasion tool to help smooth away the signs of aging.

What it's used for:
Attain professional microdermabrasion results without having to take a step into a spa or doctor's office. The Personal MicroDerm System is an essential skin care tool for achieving an even, refined and healthy complexion. Using the same aluminum oxide crystals as professional treatments, allows you to produce the same amazing results. 

Retail price: $179.00

Where to buy:

My thoughts and experience:
First two weeks: I tried this device for a ten weeks now, using it once a week. I shared some of my initial thoughts here. I've continually used the blue colored exfoliating pad each time (for sensitive skin) and find that even that is a little bit rough for my skin. I remember my second week, I had an extremely bad experience with it. I have myself to blame for this, because I went over the area a couple of times, thinking that it might help with an area. I ended up with an "open wound" on my face the next morning. It clearly stated in the video not to do that, so PLEASE be careful if you use this. Other things that I've noticed the first two weeks of using this is that afterwards, when I use my toner and moisturizer, my face burned for a couple of seconds.

After two weeks, my skin seem to have developed a tougher layer, because it doesn't burn to apply toner and moisturizer anymore. The device changes sound when it is sucking the skin to remove the dead cells. I could tell that I still had trouble around my nose and forehead because it wasn't making that sound and I didn't see much dead cells around that area.

[dead skin cells during use]

During the process of using the device, I definitely felt pressure and suction. It's like rubbing sandpaper and rubbing it on your face - you definitely feel something, but it's not painful. I can understand why this product is not for every skin type. As I slowly move the device around my face, I see dead skin cells rise to the surface! It was always a very interesting experience each time.

Cleaning the device was super easy. All you have to do is rinse the clear cover, and clean the black circle piece (it keeps the dead skin cells from entering the device), and wipe off excess dead skin cells around the device.

After ten weeks, I notice that most of my blemishes are gone, it has brighten and lighten my skin a little, it has evened out the color around my chin and my upper lip area. My pores did not look any smaller to me.

If you are new to microdermabrasion, I would recommend doing a little reading before deciding to make this purchase to see if it something you would find useful.

[before and after 10 weeks of use]

I hope my experience and review has helped some of you decide. I will continue to use it once a week, because I can see the benefits from using the Personal MicroDerm System.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your skin DOES look brighter! And I can't believe all the dead skin cells it dug up! So it's safe to say this product works : )

  2. wowww it makes your skin look really fresh!~ (: but at 179.. >< That's a pretty steep price!

  3. Your skin looks great! :) I really want to try this!!

  4. You skin looks good! I just may have to invest in one!!!

  5. Cool! I always wondered about this system and you can definitely see the difference! Your skin looks awesome!


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