Monday, June 6, 2011

Haul: Walgreens on 06.05.11. Paid $1.28 // Saved $51.87

Hello, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I picked up a bunch of Rimmel nail lacquers at Walgreens, they were on sale for 2/$4 (originally $3.99 each). They will be on sale until June 25, 2011.

I hope you guys printed a couple of the $2  OFF Rimmel coupon when I first mentioned it, because it is no longer available >.<

I was able to pick up 13 of these shades, I absolutely LOVE their brush, I will do a review for these soon.

Paid: $1.28
Saved: $51.87

Happy Savings!~
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  1. Sweet, sweet deal! I love their brush, too.

  2. I cannot believe this! 13 polishes for less than $2.00? You're amazing!

  3. What a great deal!!!


  4. wowowowowow!! I can't even buy 1 nailpolish without paying 1 or 2 dollars...
    You're so talented!!! Teach me your ways T__T

  5. hehe thanks mimi! Just follow me and I'll be posting all these great deals and how you can get them too :]


  6. hehe I followed you a longgg time ago!~ >< I'm 3 pages back on your followers thing~ You were the first blog I followed actually cause even when I didn't have a blog, I would still read your blog for deals and your couponing (:
    I even subscribed to you via email so I can get your deals even if I'm not on blogger~

    HEHEHEHE~ <3

  7. Mimi, thank you SO much!! You just made my day:]


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