Monday, June 6, 2011

Urban Decay on Hautelook - June 06, 2011

Edited: 11:07 AM EST. 06.06.11

Here are some of the sales~
Wallpaper shadow box - $10
Big Fatty waterproof mascara - $10
Transforming potion - $5
Cream eye shadow - $8
Matte eye shadow - $5
Ink for Eyes - $5
Pocket Rocket - $5
Tinted moisturizer - $10

Check them out! 

Urban Decay is having a sale at Hautelook on Monday, June 06, 2011. Save the date! :] It starts at 8AM PST!! I'm hoping they will have some good things this time.

Last time I was able to pick up several brushes and eyeshadow pigments for $2 each!!

Try to get on right at start time, because these deals fly quickly! Last time I had to be on there for a while because if someone else has something in their cart, you have to wait until they check out or delete it off their cart...

Hautelook and Urban Decay also has a Facebook contest going on where you can win a $500 shopping spree from Hautelook and a gift bag from Urban Decay valued at $500! Enter here.

Good luck!
Sign up for Hautelook here.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know! Going to check it out when it starts

  2. I'm waiting for this too! You think they'll sell the naked palette? Great blog, btw. Definitely following.


  3. No naked palette:x

    Thanks Dinah, I appreciate it!!

  4. I know!! =( I was so sad. Oh wells. Maybe next time. Did you buy anything?


  5. nahhh, I will wait for their $2 sale again, lol. I was tempted to buy one of their tinted moisturizers though. What about you hun?


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