Saturday, May 28, 2011

Haul: CVS on 05.26.11 Paid $1.49 // Saved $72.89

Hellooo lovelies! 

I wanted to share my CVS haul with you guys the other day. Have you taken advantage of their clearance sale yet? I picked up a couple of things for free, I just paid taxes! Who doesn't love FREE stuff? 

I picked up: 
Biore pore strips
Biore pore unclogging scrub
Rimmel Lash Maxxx 
Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt
Rimmel Stay Matte foundation
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro x 2
Rimmel lipstick
Rimmel blush
Rimmel eyeshadow x 2

All the Rimmel items I picked up was 75% OFF!

Coupons I used:
$5 OFF $25 purchase at CVS (received this coupon via email from CVS)
Buy any Biore pore strips, receive a free cleanser - (newspaper coupon) exp. 5/31/11 - it took off $7.99
$2 OFF any Rimmel product (via Rimmel's Crown Your Friends app) x 9

I received: 
$5 extra bucks for next purchase (for purchasing two Biore products). 

Total paid: $1.49 w/taxes
Total saved: $72.89
Received: $5 EB

In case you were wondering, I took out $20 cash in the transaction, so that's why it shows up as paid $21.49

Have you had a great haul lately?? Feel free to post your links and share! 
Until next time... happy savings!
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  1. o_____o sooo much stuff for so cheap o______o
    I'm jealous at your coupon using capabilities!!

  2. WOW! Those are amazing savings :) You're such a great bargain hunter!

  3. Nice work! Lovely blog-you're adorable!
    x, Jesa

  4. I am still amazed how you get away with paying that little. The CVS in my neighborhood always try to take my moneys. :<

  5. Thanks girls! It's all about the couponing. Thanks for stopping by! Again, feel free to share your CVS hauls if you'd like!

  6. Wow! What an awesome deal! I can't wait for the CVS to open near me so I can participate in their awesome clearance deals!

  7. Are you kidding me? Are. You. KIDDING. Me??? You paid that much for all of THAT? You need your own reality show!

  8. @Danielle I hope it is soon, girl!

    @Marie you crack me up girl, thanks <3


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