Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clearance sale is back at CVS + some tips

Hi beauties!

Some of you may have started noticing the 50% and 75% OFF stickers at your local CVS stores... you're right, it's CLEARANCE time again! Last time around, I spent $42.36 and saved over $200 in beauty items! 

Here are some tips and pointers to help maximize your savings:
  • Make sure you have a CVS card, it is free to sign up. You can sign up quickly at the registers, so do this first if you do not have a card!
  • Sign up for the CVS Beauty Club while you are at the registers. You get 10% OFF pass after enrollment, $5 extra bucks when you spend $50 on qualifying beauty purchases, $3 extra bucks on your birthday.
  • Sign up for special deals via email on CVS website. Check the box for $4 OFF $20 bonus for new sign ups. Be sure to print that coupon out and bring it with you! Hand this coupon BEFORE any extra bucks and manufacture coupons.
  • Take a list of sale items with you. I use Nouveau Cheap's list, as it is very updated. It is updated with the help of people from all over the nation. Also, it is available on mobile versions of smartphones! Thanks G!]
  • Bring your manufacture coupons to use on these sale items.

  • Use your extra bucks! Extra bucks are not counted as coupons, so you can use as many as you like in a transaction.
  • Use your manufacture coupons!
  • Use your CVS coupons!
  • You can stack a manufacture coupon and a CVS coupon.

I hope this helps :]
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  1. Love it. Gonna hit up my cvs this week

  2. Great tips! :) You're almost to 300 followers, wow! Congrats

  3. awwww! I went to cvs today but there were no clearance sales yet ): booo~ maybe it will come soon! I hope so!! ><

  4. @Mimi: try to scan some of the items listed on Nouveau Cheap's post, they might have not placed the stickers on the items. But either way, I hope it shows up soon!

    @Vintage: thank you hun!!

  5. Ohhh~ hmmm they only place stickers on items?~ I thought they would have tags on everything! >< or put everything in a bin~ haha booo~ hahaha I will go again!! (:

    Almost 300 followers! (: I'm curious as why why you don't have more followers!! Your blog is so helpful!


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