Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: Waxelene

What is it? 
Waxelene contains no petroleum products and is made from natural, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Waxelene is a delicate balance of beeswax and beneficial oils that protects, moisturizes, and soothes skin. It can be used for anything that petroleum jelly is used for. Keeping it simple and natural assures that we have a positive impact on our planet and your health.

Retail Price: 2oz for $6.00 // 9oz for $15.99

Where to buy:

My thoughts and experience:
I like the simple, easy to understand packaging. I can understand everyone of those ingredients listed! Hooray :] Waxelene comes in a small jar with a lid. Always apply with clean hands to minimize germs in the product.

It has a light honey beeswax scent to it, very natural smelling. The texture is thick, waxy, and has a slight oily feel to it. I've been using it to moisturize dry areas of my face, my lips, and my cuticles. It does a wonderful job! You only need a small amount to use each time; this will last me a long time. This is another product I wish I had discovered during the winter months. It works really well on dry patches of my skin.

I've thrown out my tub of Vaseline, and I've been using this as a natural alternative to it. I highly recommend it for those dry patches.

Have you tried Waxelene?

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  1. This sounds amazing! :) Really well priced too

  2. Interesting, never heard of a natural alternative to petroleum jelly! If it's waxy, I'm not sure it's for me though x=

  3. Interesting! I have never heard of this product~ It's good that it has all ingredients that we can understand! Instead of polysdjahsdlaksjdgashjh & glycerdfjshaskjdhasdjsd hahaha~

  4. It sounds really good,especially since it's totally natural and organic :)

  5. I haven't tried it, I didn't even know it existed! I use regular petroleum jelly but I wouldn't be opposed to trying this next time if we have it in Canada : )

  6. mmm i'll have to check it out. especially cuz really all i use as a base for my lips these days is vaseline. maybs this is a good substitute. <3


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