Thursday, April 7, 2011

Freebie Alert: NYC nail polish/eye liners

Hello frugalistas!!

I printed out a couple of these $1.50 OFF two NYC products. Use zip code 53090, it's under the Personal Care tab. You may need to have access to different computers, or have a copier.

I got a couple of freebies at Rite Aid this week. There is a 40% OFF sale on the NYC items, so all the $0.99 stuff (some nail polish and eye liners) are on sale for $0.59 each.

I got 10 nail polishes, 2 eyeliners, and 2 chocolates for 1 CENT!! I guess I could have picked out two more NYC products but I was craving candy >.<

Any great buys this week?

Happy savings!!


  1. Chocolates and nail polish, what more could you ask for? :D

  2. Wow! Lucky U....Great Shopping! have fun with ur goodies:))

  3. I don't think I own any NYC nail polishes. Would you do a review on them? :)

  4. @souporsoprano sure thing! I'll try to get some swatches and stuff together too.

  5. These NYC nail polishes looks amazing. :-)


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