Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm a Sigma Affiliate!! and How YOU can be one too!

Hi beauties! I applied to be a Sigma affiliate a couple of days ago, and I'm officially one! You may notice my little banner on the right hand side there. You may want to apply to be one too, you can make commission if someone makes a purchase by clicking on your banner/link, PLUS you get free stuff with their incentive program. So if you are interested, please read on...

What is Sigma?
High quality hand made make up brushes. They make eye and face brushes, they sell individual brushes as well as brush kits. - Read more on their About Us page.

What is the Sigma Affiliate program?
A program offered by Sigma where one can earn 10% commission on your direct sales (meaning, you get a personal link, and someone else clicks your link to make a purchase on Sigma's website) and a 1% commission on all sales of your subaffiliates (you earn 1% of your recruit's sales).

How to apply?
1. Go to Sigma's website, and on the left hand column, scroll down towards the middle and look for the banner that says "Make money! Join the Sigma Affiliate Program.
2. Create a new account or sign in.
3. Fill out the tax info, they WILL ask for your TAX ID or SSN (they need this in case you make commission, they need to report that to the IRS).
4. Submit your application.

What are the benefits of becoming a Sigma Affiliate?
  • 10% commission on direct sales.
  • 1% commission on sales of your subaffiliates.
  • Free products when you join their Incentive Program.
  • Free products for you to giveaway on your blog when you join their Incentive Program.

Free products?? (my favorite... lol)
Yup, you heard me. FREE products. You must apply for the Incentive program AFTER you become an affiliate. You need to have a blog/website for this.

1. You will need your affiliate link for this. You can find this by logging onto your Sigma account. Click on My Account on the top, and under the tab "Affiliate Statistics", click on "Visit my Affiliate Page". You will find your affiliate link under "Helpful Reminders". Copy this code (Highlight and use CTRL+C)

2. On a different window, open up the Banners here page to choose a banner you would like to use on your blog. Follow the instructions on that page to post the banner on your blog.

2. Go to the Incentive program page here. Here's an example of the free stuff you can get. It depends on how many blog followers, You Tube followers, or Facebook followers. You can only apply for 1 or all 3, but you only receive the product with the highest corresponding numbers. Since my blog is between the 100-499 bracket, I will be receiving the F80, and then I will probably do a review and giveaway for it (which Sigma will send to your winner). If you move up a level, you can reapply for the next level too!

3. Fill out the application form on the Incentive Program page. It takes about 1-2 days to hear from someone, but just be patient, and you will get a response.

Well, that is all. What do you guys think? Something you may be interested in doing? This is a good way to generate income without doing too much work, and get free stuff at the same time. I hope I was able to explain it, and if you have any questions, leave a comment and I will try to respond and answer you. Good luck:]

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. Read full disclaimer here.


  1. hi i have registered my blog how can i use my fb account too?

  2. @DIY Beauty Tips - It only chooses one of your accounts (blog, facebook or you tube) and it chooses the highest amount of readers for the free products. Hope that answers your question :]


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