Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Toothpaste to get rid of pimples - does it really work?

Wow, is it December already? I can remember January like it was yesterday... well, Happy Holidays to everyone, and welcome, my new followers :] I'm always excited around the holidays because of Christmas music and festivities during this time. What do you like about this time of the year? Anyway... I wanted to share a quick and easy tip to get rid of pimples/redness quickly.

I'm gonna warn you, don't scroll down to the pictures if you have a weak stomach! You've been warned!! :P

I've heard of different "quick fixes" to get rid of redness and pimples. Such remedies include crushing up aspirin and adding water to make a paste, and apply over affected spot; another one is to dab some lemon juice over the pimple. Now, it works for some people, and it doesn't on others. One that I've found to work very well for me is to apply toothpaste on the pimple.

I've done it many times before, and it works good. I have oily/combination skin, so the drying out part doesn't bother me too much. This method may not be recommended if you have sensitive skin or dry skin, as the toothpaste has this "sting" feeling and it also dries up the area. I have one of those small little travel size Colgate paste just for this trick.

If you're going to try this, make sure you use the white paste, and not the gel kind. Wash your face, like you normally would before you go to bed. Apply your night time moisturizer. Dab toothpaste to the affected area and let it dry over night. In the morning, wash your face like you normally would. Here are some pictures from my little experiment.


Big ole pimple with stuff inside...

Day 1:

After the first night, the pimple has shrank in size, and it's not as red.

Day 2:

The puss is completely gone, the affected area is left with no bump, just a red mark!

After the pimple is gone, a red mark is left. Now, I just wait for it to heal itself :]

What tried and true remedies for zits have you tried? Are there products that you swear by for a quick zit zapper? Please share with me your thoughts.


  1. Happy December! What I love most about the holidays is the decorations, lights, music, and people. People are generally nicer around the holidays hahah..

    I have used the toothpaste trick but it didn't work for me.. maybe cause mine is half paste/half gel? Or maybe cause I have dry skin as it is. Hm. I'm not sure.. lol.

    How long does it take for the scar to fade?

  2. Hey this is pretty interesting! I heard it worked, and actually, knowing what toothpaste does and stuff, I believed it would work, but I never would've thought the results would be there this quickly! Thanks for trying this out and showing it to us!! ^^

  3. I've used toothpaste on mosquito bites and pimples but I found something else that works even better - calamine lotion and honey. You have to take a look at my link and try it next time:

  4. I use this when I see a pimple and it works wonders!

  5. I never tried toothpaste but for me cleaning the pimple with isopropyl alcohol after it pops (though I admit sometimes I encourage it by giving it a little squeeze ^_^) really helps it heal cleanly with no scarring. If you think about it makes sense since a popped pimple is sort of like a wound rite eheh

  6. @Siwing Yes, half gel/half paste won't work for some reason. The red part takes about 2-3 days to fade, for me.

    @Bibi You're welcome! :]

    @Marie Thanks, I will go and check it out!

    @Gaby I've never tried anything else, just because this works so well for me.

    @Elle Thanks for the tip, I will try it out next time, I have a whole bottle of that stuff just sitting around.


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