Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: NYX trio eyeshadows

Happy Tuesday! :]

I've heard alot of good things about NYX products on different blog reviews, so when I saw that these eyeshadow trios on sale at Ulta, I decided to snatch these two sets. I purchased the Perpetual and Hippie-Chic eyeshadow trios. [click images to enlarge]

Info and claims from nyxcosmetics.com :
A trio of eye shadow colors expertly coordinated for seasonal and on-trend wear. Each set comes with a dual-tipped applicator sponge and mirror so they are a must when you are on the go. The rich pigmentation, silky smooth powder and easy-to-blend formula makes looking gorgeous a breeze!

Retail price: $8.00 each

My thoughts - I was extremely excited about trying NYX eyeshadows for the first time, because I've heard so much good reviews about the individual ones. The packaging is decent, it doesn't feel flimsy at all. I do appreciate the mirror for quick touch ups. The sponge applicator, you can probably toss out.

I was happy with the colors on the Perpetual set (red,green,brown) - the pigments on that set were decent. I managed to do a fun Fall/Christmas-y look with this palette.

For Hippie-Chic (white, teal, and lilac), the teal and the lilac looking colors were NOT pigmented at all, when applied, it felt really cheap and color is pale looking. The white shimmer was pigmented though. I did the eyeshadow look below with Hippie-Chic and the colors did not show up very well - even after 7 times of dipping my brush into the eyeshadow [especially the lilac color, you can barely see it].

Will I buy this product again? Nope, I like my eyeshadows pigmented! I guess you really do get what you pay for sometimes.

Here's a look with Hippie-Chic. I applied the lilac color over my lid, the teal on the outer corners, and the shimmery white on the inner corners. Also wearing NYX liquid eyeliner, and NYX lipstick in Celebrate.

Have you tried any of the other 45 NYX eyeshadow trios? Which ones and are they any good?


  1. I liked Hippie Chic palette better, but man.. no pigmentation? I don't own any NYX eyeshadow palettes, I only own 1 jumbo pencil.. in Milk.. Maybe if you use a colorful base under the eyeshadows, it will show up more vibrant..

  2. I don't think we have NYX products in Canada, at least I've never found any. Too bad they weren't pigmented!

  3. Thx for this post! I was thinking of getting some but I wasnt to sure. Now for sure I wont be getting any of these e/s palettes =)

  4. I've never tried the NYX products, but I think the first palette look really funny... Like you said, it's a real christmas trio ^^ Aww no pigments is bleeh, that's really too bad. Makes you feel like you wasted your money, right? But maybe you can mix them with other, more pigmented eyeshadows or a base? I don't know, maybe that'll help?

  5. I agree! I need pigmented eyeshadows... I did so many blunders with that...I have this problem most of the time with hilight colours. I don't know why. Until know I couldn't find a perfect one....

  6. Thanks for the comments girls, I'm glad I was able to return it :]

    @Siwing The perpetual set was alot more pigmented than the Hippie Chic set, so it leads me to think that some sets might be more pigmented than others?

    @Marie I wonder if they ship to Canada? They have nice lipsticks and liquid eyeliners :D

    @MakeupJunkie Glad to help!

    @Bibi I'm so happy I was able to return both of them!!

    @Clover like a color to use on the brow bone area? You can always try a matte or shimmery shade close to your skin tone :]

  7. Thanks for the review! I haven't tried any NYX products, but I'll def steer away from the unpigmented shadows. :)

  8. I have a couple of single eyeshadows from NYX! I love them! I haven't tried the trios, though.


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