Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sephora coupon + new skin care routine?

Hello beauties!

Did you guys get your $15 off $40 purchase from Sephora? I think you only get it from being a Beauty Insider [it is free to sign up]. So my sister and I went to the store to check out what deals we could get. We decided to get our foundation matched. However, I did not end up leaving with a new foundation.

Long story short, my consultant said that my skin IS NOT oily/combination like I had said. She went on to say that it's "extremely dry", and that the reason my skin may appear to be oily was because it wasn't getting enough moisture, so it creates this "oily barrier". Have you heard of such a thing? I always thought that I saw dry patches because it's winter time...  She did sound like she knew what she was talking about. Have any of you experience something like this? To be honest, I felt kinda embarrassed and enlightened at the same time.

I told her all my facial products and cleansers were for oily/combination skin, so she said I needed a new skin care regimen. She recommended the REN Clean Bio Active Skincare - Six Of The Best [$71 value] for $40. I was like, cool, $40! I can use my coupon and got it for $25. I'll try this set out, and keep you guys updated on my "skin conditions".

What did you use your Sephora coupon on?


  1. Please do keep us updated on your 'new skin care routine'!

    I have no idea how people know: you have oily skin, or you have dry skin... I just hope they are right... 'cause dry skin can appear oily, and oily skin can appear just right... Pfff too difficult for me >< Great you got to use your coupon!

  2. Hope this works out for you! =)

  3. Oh wow! You got this for a bargain! I actually made a post on make up codes and such. I used mine to purchase new eye shadows. :)

  4. hmmm that makes me wonder about my skin xD Definitely let us know how it goes! I'm still not sure what to get with my gift card ^^

  5. I'll keep you guys posetd, thanks for stopping by :]

  6. I have my coupon in my purse but I haven't decided what i want to buy, I think I'll just go there this week and take a look. I'm curious to hear how you like your new skincare products!


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