Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My recent CVS haul

I scored a couple of goodies on my last CVS haul. Thanks to the tip of Nouveau Cheap, I got a couple of free items! If you don't read her blog already, make sure you do. She shares ways to save on beauty products, as well as dupes on high end brands [I totally adore and worship her].

Anyway, I purchased a Lemon Drop EOS lip balm, 3 Revlon nail polishes [Steel her Heart, Plum Night, and the a new one from their Fire and Ice collection, Temptress] and a piece of caramel candy for a total of $4.89 [with taxes included]. I was on the lookout for Perplex but my Walgreens didn't have it :(

Here's how:

I scanned my CVS card in-store, and received a $4 off any Revlon cosmetics purchase.

I had to do it on 3 separate transactions.

Transaction #1
EOS lip balm $2.99 minus $2.99 extra care bucks
Paid $3.20[with taxes]

Transaction #2
1st Revlon Nail polish $4.99
2nd Revlon Nail polish $2.59 because it was BOGO 50% off
$2.99 extra bucks from Transaction #1
$4.00 Revlon coupon from CVS
Paid $1.01 [with taxes]
I also got a $5 extra bucks with 2 Revlon beauty products

Transaction #3
3rd Revlon nail polish $4.99
Caramel candy $.33
$5.00extra bucks from Transaction #2
$0.68 [with taxes]

If you'd like to see swatches of these colors, let me know :] Any good deals lately? Don't forget the Walgreens sale on the Revlon Top Speed nail polishes for 99 cents, see drug store deals for this week here.

Oh! Have you heard?
  •  Urban Decay is having Friends and Family day, 25% off everything!  Use code 1FFNF. Ends 12/12/10 Edit: they've extended it until Dec 25th AND free shipping with $15 purchase minimum.
  • Smashbox is giving away a free $40 waterproof eyeshadow palette for spending $25 on their site. Use code JUST4YOU. Ends 12/12/10
  • Hautelook is having a STILA sale until 12/09/10. [referral link included]
  • Tarte is also having a Friends and Family day sale, 40% off on entire site. Use code FFDEC. Ends 12/13/10. Thanks to Jeweled Thumb for the tip.


  1. I am SO impressed! Thanks for the heads up about the special deals, too!

  2. Oh! These deals are great! Thanks for posting them!

  3. What a deal! I love eos lipbalms.

  4. Thanks!
    UD sale is only free shipping with $15 min purchase. Sorry about that!

  5. ooo I want an EOS lipbalm but I'm still using my old one :( You are a deal madwomen :D I love it!! I need to learn to keep my receipts for the coupons :P Once I file them away I usually forget about em -____-

  6. I'll have to make a post showing my coupon holder, haha! :] Hubby thinks I'm crazy when I go grocery shopping...

  7. very cool haul! and I love all the sale/off events^^ thanks for sharing

    Ah i wanna go shopping... just stuff for myself^^ but I need to buy a lot of presents for christmas (what I like to do...but then there is no money left for me^^)

    take care


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