Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weekly Beauty Question 8/1

Each Wednesday, the Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers will answer a beauty-related question just for fun! This week's question is...

What inspired you to start your blog?

Alot of inspiration originally came from You Tube beauty gurus. When I first started, I tried to do beauty looks with what little make up I had. Mind you, I started using make up when I was 25! I soon came to realize I was not too good at doing make up looks. It was a trial and error kind of thing, and eventually my blog became about beauty reviews and posting about my thrifty finds. It's all about finding what you love to do and making it your own.

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  1. You started using makeup at 25? You look way younger than 25. :) I love reading product reviews and sale deals the best too! I haven't done many makeup "looks" yet on my blog as I have not quite yet mastered the art of self-photography. Plus, I seem to get washed out a bit in photos. But, here is to improving. You have a great blog my dear! xxoo

    1. I'm slowly learning how to take face shots, it is usually me taking like 20 pictures and then choosing ones I like the most, lol. Thanks for your compliment:]

  2. I love that last line! So true. I haven't done makeup looks yet because I don't care for how I look on camera... I'll get over it eventually though! I love this Weekly Question feature!

    1. I am super insecure when it comes to looks too, which is why I don't do it so much! It takes a little practice and lots of pictures, hehe. Here's to more weekly question features :]

  3. Well said! Glad you found something that you find enjoyable. :o)


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