Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow

Retail Price:Starting at $7.49

Where to buy:  Most mass retailers and drugstores,

My thoughts and experience:
This four quad eyeshadow by Revlon is very versatile. You can achieve both day and night looks easily. On the back of the quad, it gives you an idea on how you can incorporate all four colors into look. To be honest, the one time that I followed it, I turned out looking like a drag queen with raccoon eyes (LOL!). So after that experience, I just decided to do my own thing and use two colors at a time.
The pigmentation of the colors are ok, I wouldn't say it's the most pigmented nor the worse. The colors applied smoothly, but I did find myself having to dip my brush back into the eyeshadow a couple of times to get the desired result. There was little to no fall out when I use it. Here are some swatches done on my arm:
[I used a Q-tip to swatch this, I went over it a couple of times so you can see the color]

The staying power is about 6-8 hours before I start to see it get messy. Keep in mind, I do use a primer with my eyeshadow because my eyelids are super oily.

Overall, I think you get what you pay for with this eyeshadow quad. I've used it a couple of times on my short and lazy days because the colors are easy to match up and go well with each other.

What about you? Have you tried any of Revlon's quad eyeshadows?

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. I am not affiliated with the company, nor was I paid to do this review.  All reviews on SiSi Sparkles are my honest opinion, whether it was purchased or provided. See full disclaimer here.
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  1. this product looks interesting. i love how it can be versatile :)

  2. Pretty good price! I need more colors like these.

  3. I haven't tried any revlon's quad but I'm sure going to get one as the colors are quite pretty ^_~

  4. I haven't tried lots of Revlon eyeshadows but I'm not really impressed at the pigmentation of these... still pretty though!


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