Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Maybelline Expert Eyes moisturizing eye make up remover

What is it?
Tough on stubborn makeup but ultra gentle on eyes. Removes waterproof mascara and eye makeup.
    Retail Price: Starting at $4.49

    Where to buy:  Most retailers and drugstores nationwide

    My thoughts and experience:  
    I've been using this eye make up remover for the past few weeks now. I mainly used it at the end of the day, right before I go to bed. It removes eyeshadow and mascara effortlessly. However, I seem to have a harder time with the eyeliners. I find that it leaves an oily residue, which may be the "moisturizing" quality of this product. It is something that eventually goes away, because my eye lids aren't oily in the morning.

    I'm a contact lens wearer, and did not find this to bother or irritate my eyes at all. I would recommend that you use this at the end of the day. It's a great price for what it can do!

    Here is a before and after picture:

    Have you guys tried this eye make up remover before? Do you have a favorite?

    Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. I am not affiliated with the company, nor was I paid to do this review.  All reviews on SiSi Sparkles are my honest opinion, whether it was purchased or provided. See full disclaimer here.
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    1. I've seen this one on the shelves before but have never tried it. Right now I'm using Vichy's eye makeup remover that I really like.

    2. interesting product...i've been really harsh on my eyes interms of removing eye makeup wherein I tend to tug a lot which might leave my eyelids abit damaging...Good to know that Maybelline release a moisturizing eye makeup remover..I just hope I get find this locally..Thanks for sharing..=)

    3. Never tried this but looks promising. However, I still suggest olive oil.


    4. My favorite makeup remover is definitely Marcelle Cleansing Water although I've been trying to use up my Pond's Cold Cream because they test on animals, but I'm getting more and more lazy so most of the time I will just hop in the shower and remove my makeup with water (:

      1. I do that too sometimes! saves money too lol

    5. OK going to buy & try this. Random question, I used my eye makeup remover to sometimes remove makeup from my brushes (sometimes it's better than brush cleaners). Have you tried that with this?

      1. hmm I think I'll try this next time! I usually use Bath and Body Works antibacterial soap + water mixture.

    6. I will try this I have been looking for something like this. :)


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