Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: Broadway Nails imPress manicure

What is it?
Press on manicure with no drying time, superior lasting shine, easy removal and lasts up to a week.

Retail Price: starting at $5.99

Where to buy:  Most drugstores and retailers,

My thoughts and experience:  
The packaging is simple and very informative. All the how-to instructions are available on the back, and there is also a QR code on the side where you can use your smartphone to scan and watch the how-to video.

As instructed, I laid out the nails accordingly. There are 12 different sizes to choose from, so I had no trouble finding the size I needed. I held the imPress nail against my nail to find the correct fit. After laying out all 10 imPress nails, I started out with the pinkie finger. I peeled off the backing on that nail, press firmly, and that's IT! Everything fit perfectly.

The adhesive stays is pretty strong to where I can do household chores (dishes, fold laundry, sweep, mop) without having to worry about the nails coming off. However, by the second day, I could start seeing little opening gaps between my nail bed and the artificial nail. I hated the sight of that and I didn't like the idea of dirt forming between the nails, so I took them off immediately. I just peeled them off, no pain, no mess, no glue on nails.

Overall, I think Broadway imPress manicure is great for occasions and events if you need something quick, easy, and affordable. Ah yes, I got SO much compliments on them too, and no one could tell they were stick-ons til I told them. :]

Have you tried an imPress manicure?

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  1. That design is so pretty! They look great on you. I have never tried these, but they sure look fun :)

  2. Fabulous review! I love the design :)

  3. I just tried these for a new years eve party. They were great! I didn't have the time or money to go get a professional manicure (these only cost me 7.99). The design I got was 'Rock It' (its really a french manicure) I've been wearing them for close to three days now and they are still going strong. Plus I have now recommended them to all my friends. And just like your post no one could tell they were press on nails.


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