Sunday, October 2, 2011

Free/Cheap Covergirl cosmetics at Rite Aid

Hi bellas!
My sister calls me this morning and says "You need to pick up 4 stacks of newspaper today!" She then proceeded to let me know about the Covergirl cosmetics sale at Rite Aid. This week, they have BOGO 50% off on Covergirl products, and the Sunday paper has a coupon for $8 OFF 2 Covergirl face products.

That's not all, if you spend $30 worth of Covergirl and/or Pantene products, you will receive $10.

Here's a basic scenario for the least amount paid out of pocket:
Purchase 4 eyeshadow trios ($5.19 each) $15.58 on BOGO 50% off
Purchase 4 single blush($5.39 each) = $16.18 on BOGO 50% off
Total: $31.76
Use 4 x $8 off 2 Covergirl face product coupons = $32
You can get a piece of candy to cover the excess.
Get $10 UP reward for another purchase. It's like making $10!!

A friend and I split the cost of the 4 newspapers, and we picked out a couple of CG items. We ended up spending some money because of the things we picked out, but in the end, still received UP rewards back:

Used: $2 UP from another purchase
Paid out of pocket: $8.45 w/ taxes
Received: $10 UP rewards for next purchase
Saved: $34 according to receipt

Let me know what you guys decide to get!
Happy savings!~
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  1. Too bad there's no Rite Aid in Miami. :(

  2. love the savings you got! Thanks for sharing ^_^

  3. Wow nice!! I need to search where I can find the closest newspaper stand with coupons! Is it only in the Sunday papers?

  4. from what I understand, we only get the P&G insert once a month, and this was IT!


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