Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Birchbox - September box

Hi hi ^.^
My September Birchbox came in the mail, and I wanted to share it with you all. They are celebrating their 1 year birthday, so happy birthday Birchbox!!

In this box, I received:
  • blinc mascara .02 oz (interesting...)
  • Incoco nail polish applique (can't wait to try this!)
  • Jouer lip enchancer .07 oz (always need lippies.)
  • LIV GRN Natural eau de parfum sampler (The fragrance smells AMAZING. It's so clean and fresh, and I like the fact that it is "eco-friendly". I think I may actually want to go pick this up sometime.)
  • Lash Card (It's supposed to prevent mascara smudging and clumping, which I personally think is kinda useless for me, since I don't have that issue at all.)
  • Birchbox Friendship bracelet (I'm wearing the friendship bracelet already. It's a little long, so I tied a little bow on the other end.)

I'm curious as to whether you guys received the same items this time, since it is comprised of their favorite items.

I'm not completely impressed with this box, and was maybe expecting something bigger since it is their one year birthday. Although I think this is an interesting concept, I think this will be my last month to subscribe to Birchbox... for now, atleast. See my other Birchboxes here

What did you think about this month's box? Do you guys have any suggestions for other beauty sample boxes that you would recommend? 
Thanks for reading and talk to you all next time! Have a great weekend:]

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  1. wow this month sucks.. lol.. a lash card ??? lol.. you can just use a regular business card and cut a curve so it fits your eye shape.. the incoco nail polish strips were on clearance at walgreens for less than a dollar. and yeah.. i agree.. they should've done something bigger since it was their birthday.. =S

  2. I am waiting on my box. But it didn't say that any of these items were in there....

    BTW, I LOVE the lash cards, I have been using them for a few months. I said the same thing as siwing but they are awesome! I guess you could cut you own but they are so cheap and cute.

  3. I agree with you. I actually love Birchbox but I cancelled it after this box. It was just time for me to walk away w/ my $10.

  4. I love your bracelet!

    Hmm this month's box seems really crappy though.


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