Friday, August 12, 2011

Goodwill thrifting haul + tips 08.11.11

What's up divas?
I went thrifting yesterday and found a couple of pieces that fit and looked really cute too + an adorable tote bag. I gave myself a $20 budget so that I won't go thrift crazy. My total bill came to $13.21, so I did pretty good ^.^
The color of the week was yellow, so everything with a yellow plastic thingie or sticker is 50% OFF the marked price. I was trying to buy everything with a yellow tag to save even more. The bag was too cute, I couldn't resist, plus it looked brand new!

Here's what I picked up:

Old Navy blouse $2.47 (50% off) - cute top for work

IZ byer california top $2.47 (50% off) - i liked that silky feeling of it

Lipsy skirt $2.47 (50% off) - love the color pattern, and it actually went well with that Old Navy top

Luella for Target tote bag $4.94 - my new everyday bag

Some tips for when you go shopping at Goodwill:
1. Look at the color of the week when you enter the store. It changes every week, and you get to take 50% off.
2. Get a shopping cart. This way, you don't have to worry about carrying everything by hand; just throw it into the cart, and move on.
3. Items aren't sorted by size, but by type and color. I usually try to scan through the pieces quickly, it kind of reminds me of shopping at Ross.
4. Be careful and look for any signs of wear and tear before purchasing, ie. buttons, arm pit stains, markings, etc.
5. Try before you buy, they have fitting rooms.
6. Set a budget. 
7. Check back every week for new donations and sales.

What are your experiences with Goodwill? Any tips you may have for our readers? Have you bought something lately from there?

Anyhow, I am SO ready for my Orlando vacation. We're gonna be driving there, so it will be a fun little road trip too. I'll take lots of pics!

Thanks for reading loves :]
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  1. i always find brand new items from target donated to goodwill. with tags and everything! do you have a salvation army near you? every wednesday is 50% off all clothing!

  2. I need to get to thrifting! Good finds!

  3. I love the first top! :) Great tips!

  4. Love that bag!!! U got some awesome items! Which Goodwill do u go to?

  5. I am getting so much better at Thrifting. You are so right, it's pretty much the same as shopping at Ross. You have to comb through the items to find a good match. You picked up some great items. I can't wait to see an outfit post soon.


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