Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swatches: Nubar Green Tea + Hologram Glitter

Hi babes!

I picked up these two colors at the Fashionable Atlanta event, it was 2 for $7 and I used a 15% discount for being there that night. What a steal!! I think I'm gonna have to go back and pick up MORE. I don't have much green nail polish, and I've been trying to look for one that looked kinda like the Chinese jade color. By the way, any suggestions?

Absolutely love the name of it - Nubar Green Tea (N253)! Here's two coats.

Then, add on a coat of Nubar Hologram Glitter (G150). I'm SO in love with this right now! It's like one of those fancy top coats (but not really). It looks like it turns your nail polish to holo colors. It's my first! :] I will probably do holo colors for a whole month, haha ^.^

Do you have a favorite Nubar nail color?

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  1. Gorgeous shade! Especially with the added glitter. :)

  2. man! I wish I woulda bought more colors! I'm so jealous of your stash! I have yet to try out my new polishes! That green tea is so nice!

  3. I love them both - with or without the glitter the color is gorgeous!

  4. Cool color! Yea, I would just go through all my solid colors and add glitter for a different effect.


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