Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Broadway Nail Dress Stick On Wraps

What is it?
Dress up your nails with our brand new, revolutionary instant nail makeover! Select your size, apply and smoothe, file and you're ready to go! With five styles to choose from, you can't go wrong. You can even apply a top-coat for longer wear.  - Broadway Nails website

Retail Price: $5.49

Where to buy: major drugstore chains, mass retailers.

My thoughts and experience:
The packaging is very simple, showing a little window with the style of the nail art. In the back, it offers easy to understand nail preparation and application techniques. It comes with 28 nail stickers, two of 14 different sizes to help you find the correct fit. It also comes with a nail smoother/nail shaper.

Finding the fit for your fingers is not too hard, you place your nail over the different sizes to find the best fit for each nail. Then, peel off the nail sticker by pulling on the tab. Adhere the nail sticker on the nail bed (do not stick it on your cuticle). I used the nail smoother part, as well as my fingers to press down on the sticker. I find that if you press the sticker from one side of the nail to the other, it does not crease as much. If I saw a crease, I would use the pink side of the file to try to smooth it down.

I used the nail shaper (the black side) to file off the excess sticker. The first couple of times that I used this, I filed my nails side-to-side, and that made the edges of my nail look really papery. The correct way to do it is to file downwards. It files away the excess sticker.

Without topcoat, there was no immediate warping.

In the instructions, it said to apply a top coat to make it last longoat, and that looked a little better.

I had to take it off after a night, because the edges were starting to warp. My hair would get caught in the edges. Peeling it off was really easy, it came right off. It did leave a sticky film on top of my nails. Washing my hands did not remove it, but using some acetone nail polish remover did.

I've tried several of these before I typed up this review, so this wasn't a one time experience thing.

Overall, I found this was a little complicated to use, and does not give off the "Hollywood nails" look. It doesn't look very natural, and actually looks very obvious that it is a sticker. It only stayed on a couple of hours before the warping starts. I would not recommend this item.

After applying a top coat, with warping near the cuticles.

Has anyone else tried this? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Those are SO cute! I need to get some of those. :)

  2. I've been wanting to try these for awhile now and thats what I was scared of...them looking fake. I guess I can cross these off my list! LOL Awesome review =)

  3. Cool post! I saw the commercials which made them look fun and easy. Glad you gave them a try first for our sake!

  4. Just found your site; it's great!

    Sorry to hear these were such a pain for you and only lasted a few hours... they look super-cute in the photos, though!


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