Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Haul: The Body Shop on 05/12/11

I wanted to share my haul from The Body Shop today. I purchased them with my Groupon deal, but I also splurged a little! I couldn't help it, the sales associates were extremely helpful at the store. 

They had a sale on their make up and skin care line when I went last week - Buy 3, get 2 free! I picked up a few things and got some for free :] 

Brush-on beads bronzer - $21
Flawless skin protecting concealer in 03 - $16.50
Skin Primer - Moisturize It - $14
Vitamin Hydrating E toner - $12 (got this free)
Lip Scuff - $12 (got this free)
Rounded handle facial brush - $3
Love Your Body card - $10

Ah, at the check out, I think the sales associates are mandatory to try to sell this card to you. I'm a sucker for SAs who are helpful and informative, so of course I purchased their Love Your Body card. I figured that although it cost me $10 for the card, I will save 10% on my purchase today, and plus on my birthday month (next month), I get a $10 credit toward something in the store. So... why not? Since I will be getting my money's worth. There are other perks on the card too :]

I've already started using these things, so I can't wait to share my reviews with you in the next coming weeks. Have you guys tried any of these items?

Anyway, if you've taken advantage of that Groupon deal, you have a couple of days before you lose that extra $5! Feel free to share your hauls below if you already went to pick up your goodies.


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  1. Amazing deal, can't wait to see reviews etc on these :)

  2. Great haul! I'm looking forward to your reviews. Especially on the Vitamin E toner!


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