Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review: Crazy Rumors Plum Apricot Bunny Balm

What is it? 
A lip balm any bunny would love, Crazy Rumors Plum Apricot Bunny Balm - an amazing fusion of fruits at its finest.

50% of all proceeds from this Bunny Balm goes to help support the Leaping Bunny Program, a non-profit organization to aid in certifying cruelty-free household, personal care and cosmetics products.

Crazy Rumor uses 100% all natural, 70% certified organic and vegan ingredients.

Where to buy:

Price: $3.99

My thoughts: I always feel so much closer to nature when I wear something that is vegan and natural, oh how I love it! It has a dried apricot scent when applied. It has no taste, which is something I prefer - that way I am not tempted to lick it off, lol. It is lightweight and creamy. It goes on smoothly on my lips, and keeps it very moisturized. Oh! It was made in Georgia too :] I like supporting local sellers.

Overall, I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a good, moisturizing lip balm. They have a variety of other lip balm flavors.

Have you guys tried this product?

Disclaimer: This editorial sample was sent to me for review considerations from the company or a PR firm. I am not affiliated with the company, nor was I paid to do this review.  All reviews on SiSi Sparkles are my honest opinion, whether it was purchased or provided. See full disclaimer here.


  1. I have tried these, I too was sent them!

    I love them :)

  2. These lipbalms look so cute and yummy!

  3. I really want to try this - we seem to have every flavour except this one available in the UK. Good review.


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