Monday, March 28, 2011

Let someone else find the right beauty products for you at BeautyFix

Do you guys have trouble finding the right beauty products? I know I do, especially when I go cosmetics shopping, I always read everything in the labels and try to find if they are the right type of product for my skin. I've spent hours upon hours just READING labels, not actually buying, but more like comparing labels with each other. This is probably why the hubby hates it when I drag him along... lol.

I recently got in touch with someone from BeautyFix by Dermstore, and it's a very interesting website. You go on there, and fill out your beauty profile. They ask questions about your skin type, hair color, eye color, facial concerns, etc... Then, their panelists will choose a bunch of products based on what you told them. You get to choose 8 of those products, and pay only $49.99 with free shipping. That's 8 deluxe or full size items!

I'm really excited because I received my box the other day. Here are the products that I ended up picking out:
Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque (2.5oz.)

Lisa Hoffman Night and Day 2 Vitamin A and C Serum (0.5oz.)

Kerstin Florian Spa Face Aromatherapy Neroli Water (1oz.)

Sparitual Nail Lacquer - Airhead (0.5oz.)

3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam (3.4oz.)

Canyon Ranch Balance Light Weight Moisture (1.7oz.)

Beautyfix Large Cosmetics Bag (1piece)  

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo - Travel Size (1.6fl oz.)  

Spice Island Body Butter - Passion Fruit (7.2oz.) 

Supposedly, you are getting $400 worth of luxurious products. I haven't heard of these brands, so they must be super expensive! You can also purchase these items individually at
I look forward to trying out each of these items, and doing a thorough review on them!

Does BeautyFix look intriguing to you? Take a look and see what kind of items they match you up with :]

Disclaimer: My BeautyFix kit was sent to me free of charge. Full disclaimer here.


  1. That does seem like a neat idea. Do they use dermatologists/estheticians/cosmetologists? I checked the site, all I see is "panelists." Still, very cool that you get to select the end product!

  2. That is so neat! I need to go check out their website!

  3. cool concept! i can't wait for your reviews. i've never heard of those brands either!

  4. I googled a few of the products it recommended to me, and you are getting a pretty great deal, because this site is offering each product for $6.25, and some of the ones I searched for were over $30!! As far as how good the brands are, I don't know...maybe someone else has heard of them.

  5. Ohh wow that sounds awesome :D

  6. @Love, B I asked someone on behalf of BeautyFix by Dermstore and this is what she said: Our panel consists of Plastic surgeons, Dermatologists, Celebrity Estheticians, Celebrity makeup artists, executives in product development, Beauty editors, Hair Stylists and bloggers. You can find all of their info here: and you can click on each one for a bio.
    I hope that helps :]

    @Caryn wow! that's amazing, thank you so much for sharing, I never thought to do that.

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