Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Purederm Green Tea Collagen Mask

What is it?
From the packaging -
  • Easy and effective skin recovery treatment formulated with green tea extracts, collagen, and vitamin E.
  • This silky mask helps maintain ideal moisture level of the skin by providing a constant supply of moisture and nutrition.
  • Natural pulp sheet prevents skin trouble and provides close adhesion to the face.

Price: I got these for $1 each. They are available on Amazon and Ebay at different pricings.

My thoughts:
This is my first time to ever try a face sheet mask. My sister keeps raving about them, and has been asking me to search for some when I go to an Asian cosmetic store. I finally found these at an indoors "farmers market". I didn't know what to expect at all, so I picked up a few different ones to try out. The packaging is sealed tightly, so that moisture stays in. I carefully unfolded the thin cloth-like mask, poked out the eye holes, and gently patted it around my face. It fitted my face very well, except for the nose part. I already have a very tiny nose, and still, the nose portion was not large enough to cover my entire nose.  I immediately felt a cooling sensation after "the fitting". It wasn't a tingling sensation, it was more like taking a bunch of cold cucumbers and placing them on my face.  I thought this cooling sensation would just stay for a minute or so, but it was like this for the entire 20 minutes this mask was on. Not only is this mask soothing and cool, it was very hydrating, it stayed "wet" the entire time. Peeling it off was no problem at all, it came right off without any pain whatsoever. I am extremely impressed with the results, because I did not know my skin could feel this soft, supple, and smooth. It works wonders, I had to go back and get more.

These are some of the other ones that I picked up:

Aloe collagen mask - visibly hydrates and soothes to bring skin back into youth.
Pearl essence mask - tone and rejuvenate complexion, clear blemishes, minimize pores, reduce skin redness.
Mineral water collagen mask - provides intense moisturization and mineral support on dry skin.
Illuminating arbutin mask - quickly clarifies skin for a brighter, pearly, translucent complexion.
Rice bran collagen mask - penetrate into the skin gently and rapidly to keep a brighter, smoother and healthier skin.
Raspberry collagen mask - provides rich nutrition and intense moisture on tired skin.

Packaging: 8 out of 10

Ease of use: 9 out of 10

Product: 10 out of 10

Price: 10 out of 10

I saw a couple of Purederm masks at Forever 21, however, these were clay masks. Then I saw some sheet masks at CVS, but they were almost $2 a pack. I think US is starting to catch up with the Asian market on this.

Have you tried face sheet masks before?  What are your thoughts on them? Thanks for reading and sharing!


  1. Very interesting! I've never tried a sheet face mask, I think I'd feel kind of silly putting it on but if you say it works maybe I'll have to give them a try : )

  2. @Marie a la Mode lol Marie, to be honest, it does feel sort of silly. I refuse to put it on when my hubby is around, because I feel like if I glance at him, I will burst into laughter [thinking that he is laughing at me]... hahaha

  3. I would love to try a sheet mask one day! But I've never spotted any in stores around here... Maybe I should, like you said, visit Asian cosmetic stores to find them.
    Great review hun, I loved reading it, especially since it's your first time trying out these kind of masks (makes it easy to relate to ^^).

  4. i am so obsessed with sheet masks xD It startles me that the American market is starting to pick up on the sheet mask trend just now...but then it's not surprising since it's so convenient ^^

  5. great post!!! i definitely need to try these out :) x

  6. I really want to try them out! they seem to be pretty good!!! thanks for sharing!


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