Saturday, February 5, 2011

New bling, new shoes, and new year!

Hi beauties!

I hope you are enjoying your week so far. I was fortunate enough to have 3 days off in a row, so I thought I would go pay my family a visit. Seeing them is always a very refreshing change for me. I get to eat dad's delicious home cooked meals, teach mom new tricks on the computer, bargain shop with my sister, and jam on the acoustics with my brother in law.

We celebrated Chinese New Year by feasting this delicious meal cooked by my dad.
Stir fry lobster with cheese sauce, garlic shrimp, peking duck, a steamed vegetables.

I'm drooling again, just typing about it...

Scored some Dolce Vita for Target shoes for $7.48 and Merona ballet flats for $4.98 on clearance at Target. My sister knows where to find deals!!

And I tweeted a while back about free jewelry from Charlotte Russe, but might have forgotten to blog about it. They are still offering this. All you need to do is 'like' Charlotte Russe on Facebook, click on the Free Jewelry tab, print it out, or select the send to phone option. You must make a purchase to get the free jewelry. So of course, being the frugalista that I am, I got a $1.99 shirt that was on clearance. Picked up this bow like looking ring ^_^ Get yours soon, I don't know how long this special lasts for.


  1. Love your shoes and the ring looks just cute :)

  2. Oh I love looking at your dad's home made cooking *drools* looks so delicious... New shoes!! I love shoes!! And so cheap :O
    Thank you for the comment, it really helped talking about it on my blog (writing things down helps to see it all a bit more clear)
    Right now, I'm still thinking about the two-year program. I think it's more important to think about my future job and how much I'll like it, than about how I feel now. But you're right, I still got some time to think it all through... ^^

  3. woa! it looks so delicious!

    I love the shoes and the ring. Very cute^^

  4. hehe i can't wait to see how you pair the oxfords !


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