Monday, January 17, 2011

Review: Sally Girl Mini Baked Eye Shadows

I visited the Sally Beauty supply store recently to look for some cuticle oil and found some of these Sally Girl baked eyeshadows while standing in line at the checkout.

What is it?
"Sally Girl Mini Baked Eye Shadow lets you shine like a star with a collection of baked eye shadow colors.
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Uniquely suited to play up any eye color
  • Can be used as eyeliners as well
Sally Girl Mini Baked Eye Shadow offers you so many combinations of color choices, the possibilities are endless and the results are fabulous." - Sally Beauty website

Retail price: $0.99 each

My Thoughts:
For 99 cents, these mini baked eyeshadows are a STEAL! There are 12 different colors available, I purchased 6 of them to try them out. The names/colors are not found on the eyeshadow; I went on the Sally Beauty website to match the SKU number with the corresponding colors for the purpose of this review. Each eyeshadow was individually wrapped. The circle dome-like cover makes it hard to stack the eyeshadow on top of each other. My 6 eyeshadows are sitting on my vanity table; it does take up some space.The packaging is decent for it to only costs 99 cents each. If you drop it, that's another story. I accidentally dropped one, and the eyeshadow cracked completely on the inside. You can always salvage it by turning it into eyeshadow powder by crushing it up, and transferring it to a container with a sifter.

From L to R: Light Pink, Dark Green, Shadow Rose, Gunmetal Gray, Gold, Dark Aqua

These are easy to apply, and come out looking smooth. Each of these eyeshadows have a slight shimmer to them, as do most baked eyeshadows. When applied dry, the colors are very soft and subtle with a hint of shimmer. The colors are also very buildable for a darker shade. When applied wet, the color is intensified and has a metallic shimmer look.

From L to R: Light Pink, Dark Green, Shadow Rose, Gunmetal Gray, Gold, Dark Aqua

Would I recommend it?
Yes! These are very affordable and versatile.


  1. These are nice swatches, Sisi! I like how heavily pigmented it looks!

  2. i love these shadows!! i got a couple of them and mini polishes as well! :)

  3. I have these and they work really good!! I like them alot...but yes when you do drop them they break and well yeah that sucks!! LOL nice review =)

  4. I do own one of these, and it's very pretty! Well worth the price! :)

  5. Great deal ! If you still want to mend your eyeshadow, you can apply rubbing alcohol and repress it.. Hehe I learned that through YouTube ! The colors are pretty, I'd love to see you create a look with it =)

  6. Wowww these look gorgeous!!! Love the blue and pink ones:)

  7. fabulous review! I really need to learn more about pretty color combinations :)

    THank you for your sweet comment and well wishes for my wedding.

  8. Wow, 99 cents??? I've never heard of this brand before. The shadows are gorgeous!

  9. @Toni Tralala Especially pigmented when used wet!

    @liquoredonlacquer Gotta pick up the nail polishes next time, thanks :]

    @Priscilla aka MUJunkie88 Thanks girl!

    @souporsoprano Cool, which one is your favorite?

    @siwing Gotta find that video and see it, thanks for the tip!

    @rakhshanda hehe thanks :]

    @gleenn Thanks, I may try to do a look with these soon:]

    @Marie a la Mode I KNOW, right?? You can get it online on their website too.


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