Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: Milani Jewel FX - Gems - nail polish

I've been on the hunt for this every since I saw it online. Finally found it today at CVS. Milani's Jewel FX in Gems is the perfect glittery nail polish for this holiday season. It has all the festive chunky glitter colors in a clear polish. It's also rumored that it is Deborah Lippman's Happy Birthday dupe [no pink and purple glitter in Gems though]. I wanted to get the other Jewel FX ones too but they were sold out.

My Thoughts:
I learned that applying this with thin coats will not work. The secret is to dip the brush in, slowly pull it out, but do not swirl it around the top like you normally would with other nail polish. Apply the thick coat on the nail. Let it dry [it dries really fast], and repeat until desired texture. I was trying to go for the same look on the nail polish bottle, so I did 3 coats, and an extra one to cover any holes. You can also try to move the gems around with the brush.  Another nail look you can do with this is to apply your favorite nail polish color, and add this over it. Now...removing this is another story, it's hard to come off... however I believe this is the case with any glittery nail polish. It does recommend using acetone polish remover. I ended up chipping and peeling mine off [weird "hobby" of mine when it comes to nail polishes].

Retail Price: $4.99

Would I recommend it?: Yes! I absolutely love this and would recommend it to anyone who loves glitter.


  1. woww O_O! so pretty! It definitely reminds me of Christmas ^_^ it would be so pretty over a cream nail polish I think :D tho it's quite nice on it's own too ^^

  2. I love peeling off nail polish too! I think it's really, really bad for your nails ... but who cares? After a shower my polish will just peel off so easily, and it's so fun in a weird way ^.^

  3. I like this!! Thanks for that tip! I have tons of glitter np and i dont let the 1st coat dry so then it gets too thick and it doesnt dry right and blah they look like shit! LOL Awesome Review!

  4. @Elle I'll give that a try next time, thanks!

    @Siwing Thanks :D

    @Erin wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that... lol

    @Leslie Thank you!

    @Priscilla Yes! Definitely let it dry first, it helps and looks pretty:D

    @Gaby It's my excuse to wear it this time of the year :]

  5. i peel my nail polish off too! :)


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