Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking for the perfect drugstore foundation...

Is there even such a thing as the perfect drugstore foundation? I need something that is good for my dry skin, won't get cakey on me, and moisturizing throughout the day... When I went to Walgreens today, I saw that they had several foundations on "last chance" clearance, and decided to pick up a few. "Last chance clearance" must be the last mark down, because you will see the original price, a sale price, and then the last chance price. Here's what I picked up -

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse in Medium Deep $3.59
Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation in Medium $1.80 [because they had Revlon on BOGO 50%]
Covergirl TRUblend Microminerals Foundation in Beige Natural 440 $2.89
Rimmel London Renew & Lift Foundation in Classic Beige 201 $2.49
L'Oreal Bare Naturale lip conditioner in Mauve $2.59

That came up to $14.26 [w/ taxes], and it came with a $5 jingle cash good for my next purchase. Of course, I couldn't help myself but to look around some more. I'm not even sure how I got this $5 jingle cash, I even asked the cashier but he didn't know :/

I saw this Maybelline Pulse Perfection by Define-A-Lash vibrating mascara in Very Black and decided to pick that up too. It was on clearance for $7.59 minus the $5 jingle cash = $3.05 w/ taxes.

Make sure to stop by your Walgreens and check out those last chance clearance items this week! They also work with the BOGO 50% off sales [see drugstore sales this week here].

Also stopped at CVS to pick up the new Covergirl NatureLuxe stuff. I gotta be honest with you, one of the main reasons I want to try it is because Taylor Swift is their new girl for this campaign... I know, silly right? Well, I picked up the liquid silk foundation in Honeywood 345 as well as two gloss balms in Clay Argile 260 and Hibiscus Hibiscus 215. If you want to try it, it's a good time to get it this week because CVS has the buy $15, get $5 extra bucks on this new line.

This  means I now have 5 drugstore brands of foundations to try out, do you think I will find the perfect one for me?

Some other random beauty stuff I picked up at Walmart the day after Christmas. I tried to go back today to buy more but they were COMPLETELY out! This Maybelline smokey eye set was only $5, it came with the Falsies mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow quad. I knew I should have picked up more! I heard you could find it at Target on sale as well.

Also picked up this Hard Candy set for $2.50. It comes with an eyeshadow primer, 3 eyeshadows & applicator, and a blush/bronzer & brush.

Did you gals pick up any good deals on beauty buys this week?

Other after Christmas/before New Years beauty sales. If you spot anymore, let me know and I'll post it here too :]
Sephora is having an extra 20% off sale their clearance items, use code EXTRA.

Boscia : Take $10 off $30 purchase, use code END2010.

Beautyticket : Take an extra 50% off, use code NEWYEAR50

p.s. I got my Christmas tree for next year, I'm so excited about that one too! :]


  1. Nice haul! Good luck with finding the perfect foundation! I'm always on the look out for one myself. I took advantage of the Sephora 20% off. :)

  2. Great Haul. Hope one of the foundations are what you're looking for, I spend a fortune trying to find a perfect one and still havent yet.

    Let us know how you get on with them, Haven't tried any of those.

    Love the look of that Maybelline set, Maybellines my favourite xxxx

  3. These are absolute steals! Great haul, hun! I know what you mean about Sephora. They have free shipping at the moment. I'm a Beauty Insider so I got great free stuff! <3

    I'm currently hosting a giveaway so join if you're interested! :)

  4. I'm a fan of Revlon Colorstay foundation, it's just as good as MAC's stuio fluid, I think.

    Great haul!

  5. You've done some great deals again ^^ Somehow I get the feeling make up here in Belgium is terribly overpriced. T.T
    And you're right, looking for the 'perfect' foundation is a struggle... Right colour, moisturising or not, coverage... I'm getting tired thinking about it!!

  6. @Leslie What did you get Leslie?

    @Jo Woods They won't let you return stuff there? :/

    @Toni Tralala Let me go check it out, thanks :]

    @Marie a la Mode Cool, let me go give that a whirl. Thanks dear :]

    @Bibi These are so cheap because they've been marked down TWICE! I'm sure regular price are similar... That's why I bought SO many at once, I want to find the perfect one! Arghhh


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