Monday, November 22, 2010

Sheckys Girls Night Out Goodie Bag and Pics

Sheckys Girls Night Out was fun! Was it worth the $15 I paid? I would say so. Their infamous "Goodie Bag" made it worth it. There are different items in each bag, it seems, because the friends that I went with got some stuff that I didn't have! Here are the items I received this year -

AMBI Soft & Even Stretch Mark Dimishing Body Oil
AMBI Soft & Even Skin Tone Enchancing Moisture Cream
Colgate Max White toothpaste
Febreeze Home collection scented reed diffuser
2 sets of Goody Colour collection hair ties
2 sets of Soft Lips sugar and spice and vanilla
Vitafusion vitamin samples
Kotex bag with samples
Heart shaped sunglasses
La Croix lime flavored sparkling water
2 sets of Febreeze home collection flameless luminary refills
Lindt 70% cocoa chocolate bar and coupon
The Body Shop samples and coupons
Aveeno shampoo samples and coupons
Astroglide personal lubricant - travel size
2 sets of Jergens Shea Butter lotion - travel size
Dr scholl's for her sample and coupon
Aveeno Positively Radiant daily moisturizer sample
Lady Speed stick sample
Dentek Triple Clean floss picks 30 ct
Sunstar Eez-Thru angled flossers 2 ct
Rohto Dry eye sample
Kissusa nail file

If you've never been, I would definitely recommend it. They go to different cities in the United States. Some pictures from the event -

 Hello Kitty shirt! :]

One side of the event

My friend after she got her eyes done by the Maybelline MUA (this was one of the highlights of the evening)

My friends and I with our goodie bags

Overall, I think the most fun thing was peeking inside the goodie bags. They had some pretty watered down mixed drinks and some bottled beer (Bud Light, Barcardi Lemon, Sangria, etc)... Some booths had small giveaways such as lip balms and hand sanitizer. Alot of women go for the shopping. We ended up staying for about 3 hours, but 1 1/2 hours was standing in line because my friends wanted to get their make up done. 

Have any of you been to a Sheckys event? Did you have fun? What did you like/dislike about it??


  1. Cool!! I wish we had these types of events in Canada! :-)

  2. How nice...nothing cool ever comes to El Paso, TX...boooo! LOL it looks like you had an awesome time! =)

  3. wow the bag looks amazing!
    it makes me wanna go too.
    Why don't I live in the US ...><

  4. Sounds fun! You didn't get your makeup done?

    I love The Body Shop! Yay for coupons.. and yes, def worth the $15! They don't come to VA beach =(

  5. Oh what a wonderful event! You had so many freebies! And nice freebies too...

  6. @Siwing I did my own makeup ;]

    Thanks everyone for your comments! I wish these freebies were full sizes, the only ones that were full sizes were the AMBI products>.<

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  8. cute hello kitty shirt! and bags filled with goodies is always a plus =]


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