Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sheckys girls night out $10 off

If you've been looking for a fun night out with the girls, look no further... check out Sheckys! Sheckys is an evening event extravaganza that takes place in select major cities in the US. It started about 8 years ago, however I have just attended the previous 3. I see it as a great night to get away to be with girlfriends. If I could describe the event in three words, it would be - girlfriends, drinks, and goodies! You pay a $25 admissions fee which includes admissions, a goodie bag, and free drinks (Sangria, Midori, SKYY, etc) all night.

The goodie bags are stuffed with things like samples sizes of lotions, shampoos, coupons to places, hair accessories, and books. The last few times I've been were pretty crowded. They have booths set up with vendors that sell clothing, accessories, purses, shoes, make up, you name it. If I'm not mistaken, they do this two times a year in your city for 3 nights each. It's also fun to dress up, because they have this Sheckys screen in the back and a photographer will take your picture and post it on their website :] Last year, I went with 2 other girlfriends... this year, I think it will be closer to 8! I'll be sure to take some pictures.

 picture from last year - cheese!

I'll be at Sheckys in Atlanta on November 17, 2010, so maybe I will see you there! Event listings here. There's $10 off on the goodie bags right now, so they are $15! Click here to sign up on the website and check it out. [I get 100 OMG points if you sign up under my referral, however I'm not sure they are good for at this time]

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  1. sounds fun! buy me a plane ticket !! lol wish i could go! just checked out the website.. no va.. lol.. typical..


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